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Guide for Hindu Missionaries

By: Siddhant Bhartee

Hinduism is the oldest faith in the world. It is also the largest faith in the world with followers worldwide but as Hinduism does not believe in official conversion, there is no record to prove this. We have seen a sustained movement against Hinduism in Bharat (India) recently by Communists, Liberals, Secularists who have aligned with the Islamists and Christian-missionaries against the last bastion of truth in the world. This pamphlet aims at providing an ideological b...

I.Conversion 1. Messaging - Hinduism to the neophyte is vast and confusing. Too many branches of philosophy for the intellectual seeker. Too many gods for the literal seeker. To make it simple, the message needs to be condensed to a single sentence. “Say ‘Krishna’ 4 times with complete love today and He will forgive every sin you do today.” It’s a masterstroke. “Say ‘Krishna’ 4 times with complete love and He will forgive every sin you do today...

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A Guide To the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah

By: Rav Michael Laitman

In a time of crisis, we need a guide to help us calm and stabilize our lives. This is why Kabbalah is being revealed to millions today. Kabbalah is a tool for bettering life, and A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah teaches how we can use this tool. In a graceful, easygoing style, you'll learn the basics of Kabbalah, and receive much needed suggestions for employing this age-old science to your daily life.

Introduction: The laws of nature, our place in the world and our behavior have been studied by scientists and philosophers for thousands of years. Along with logical assumptions, science uses quantifiable research and data. Yet our scientists and researchers have discovered that the more they advance in their research, the more obscure and confusing they find the world to be.

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Ruling Chiefs of Hawaii

By: S. M. Kamakau

In 1961 the first edition of the English translation of Samuel Kamakau's Ruling Chiefs of Hawaii was published by Kamehameha Schools Press. Many contributed to make its publication possible. A group of Hawaiian scholars was first selected by the trustees of Bishop Museum to translate Kamakau's florid literary style into readable English. The group included Mary Kawena Pukui, Thomas G. Thrum, Lahilahi Webb, Emma Davidson Taylor, and John Wise. Mary Kawena Pukui then revie...

Many famous chiefs, mentioned in Hawaiian history, were descended from Hana-laa-nui. The ruling chiefs (noho alii) of Hawaii were of that particular lineage (mookuauhau), and with additions from those of the other islands, the genealogy of Hawaii's chiefs and their ancestors was made complete. Umi-a-Liloa [that is, Umi-son-of-Liloa] was a famous chief, and the reason for his fame was that it was he who united all of the districts of Hawaii through wars. The kingdom beca...

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Ko Pele Hiki 'Ana Mai I Hawai'I

By: William H. Wilson

The internationally known ?Aha Punana Leo, Inc. is a non-profit organization which was established in 1983 to revitalize the nearly extinct Hawaiian language and establish schools taught entirely through that language. The following year, the organization founded the first Punana Leo school which was also the first Native American language immersion school in the United States. After the Punana Leo families changed an 1896 law banning Hawaiian language schools, the Punan...

He wahine malihini o Pele i holo kona manao e holo mai i Hawaii nei. Aole i maikai kona noho ana me kona kaikuaana, me Namakaokahai a ua makemake o ia e holo mai i kekahi aina okoa.

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Hawaii Place Names

By: Esther Mookini

In this latest book, John Clark, author of the highly regarded "Beaches of Hawaii" series, gives us the many captivating stories behind the hundreds of Hawaii place names associated with the ocean—the names of shores, beaches, and other sites where people fish, swim, dive, surf, and paddle. Significant features and landmarks on or near shores, such as fishponds, monuments, shrines, reefs, and small islands, are also included. The names of surfing sites are the most nu...

In 1966 the University of Hawaii Press published the first edition of Place Names of Hawaii. Written by Mary Kawena Pukui and Samuel H. Elbert, it contained 1,125 entries, all of which were place names in the Hawaiian language. In 1974 the press published the second edition by Pukui, Elbert, and Esther T. Mookini. It contained some four thousand entries, and this time it included place names in English and other languages. This edition, in the words of the authors, provi...

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